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Just in time for Mother’s Day we have a special blog post on postpartum periods and the best in class support for new birthing parents.

Postpartum bleeding occurs in multiple stages as the body slowly removes leftover materials from pregnancy and childbirth. Periods classified as “postpartum” can last up to a year and range in cadence, severity, and pain.

Fun fact: postpartum periods are pretty similar for those having vaginal or cesarean delivery. The body needs to expel the remnants of pregnancy one way or another regardless of what form of childbirth took place.

Let’s dive in!

Postpartum periods occur in three stages

  • Acute (first 12-24 hours)
  • Subacute (2-6 weeks)
  • Delayed Postpartum Period (up to 6 months postpartum)

Acute Phase

The acute phase is the phase immediately following childbirth where the body is continuing the process of removing remnants from pregnancy. Ruptures during childbirth come into play here and the body will react to the physical trauma it may have undergone.

Birthing folk tend to prefer hospital grade postpartum underwear to keep everything in during this period.

Subacute Phase

The body is in recovery mode at this stage and changes are less rapid. Expect continuous bleeding with the volume of flow decreasing gradually until it stops altogether.

It’s not recommended to use tampons at this stage as the aim is to get all of the postnatal fluid out of the body to support healing and protect from infection.

Delayed Postpartum Period

Whether or not a birthing parent chooses to breastfeed and the duration of their journey will impact when their menstrual cycle returns to pre-pregnancy levels. Typically, breastfeeding parents will have their period start to return immediately after stopping breastfeeding, whereas non breastfeeding parents will have theirs return roughly three to six months after childbirth.

There is a range of normal and every individual’s body is different!

Marlow's easy glide tampon lubricant is a great choice for getting reacclimatized with your menstrual cycle and being especially gentle with your body while it adjusts to having a flow again.

Wrapping Up

It’s really important to be gentle with your body as it finds its new normal after childbirth. It’s just as important to be mindful of your whole health as you enter a new stage of life with a little one!

Marlow can support your postpartum journey with their incredible line up of menstrual products to keep you comfortable. Double on support with Mevi’s app that enables you to get the support you need from your people.

Go conquer the world!